Popped That Cherry


I decided a few weeks ago to plunge into the world of watercolor paint, a medium that I’ve feared for over 30 years. My  decision evolved from the many art supplies I have on hand, plus the desire to really master a fear instead of running from it as I have in the past.

Watercolor paint has always represented the place of a ‘lack of freedom’ in my mind. I took watercolor classes as a young adult, and I never felt like I was in control… that is until I took the plunge earlier this month and created my own form of control. And I surprised myself in the process.

What I found was not just a love for the feared medium, but a level and source of strength that I developed from taking that first step into a dark abyss that I created in my mind. I found a source of strength that I lacked in so many areas of my life because I faced the fear and made it work for me.

Orgasmic, to say the least.


Now I can’t stop this journey, and I don’t want to. I want to push this as far as I can until I master it, and/or tire of it because it no longer challenges me.

Excuse the reference (if it offends you,) but I popped that cherry and enjoy every minute of it.

Peace + blessings!

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